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Video Book

Create a stronger brand, build brand awareness, drive sales growth, enhance customer loyalty enter new markets, communicate your message, or simply tell a story.


Our bespoke video books are set to transform the way you showcase and promote you message. Video books can be seamlessly used in a wide array of promotional and marketing tools.

"Innovate the Way you Communicate"


Let us help you and your brand create and deliver a stronger impact. Our Bespoke Video Books are set to seamlessly carry and convey your message to your market base.






WHY Video Book

Take your goals to the next level with our bespoke video books to immerse your audience in an engaging experience, our bespoke video books integrate the appeal of audio and visual in a unique way to communicate your goals effectively.

Creating awareness, boosting sales, educating, enhancing corporate identity, introducing new products and services, or simply leaving an impression at weddings, our bespoke video books are perfect for anything you have in mind. That is what makes our bespoke video books the ideal communicative tool. One that will be definitely be appreciated by your target audience.


Micro-thin LCD screen and endless customisations, our bespoke video books are equipped with a micro-thin LCD screen that offers unbeatable clarity and resolution. We understand that needs change with time. That is why the videos in our bespoke video books can easily be updated. Each bespoke video book can also be recharged, allowing you to continue communicating your messages over an extended period of time. Each of the components in our bespoke video books can also be upgraded and personalised, depending on your requirements.

WE got you Covered

While producing cost-effective bespoke video books can be quite a challenge due to the wide range of materials required, we ensure to offer you something that will work best for you, in terms of both time and cost.


Our bespoke video books are created with brand new, grade A components to guarantee that they will not fail you at the most critical moments. Your satisfaction is our priority and when you meet your goals, so do we. And there is no better way for us to showcase this other than presenting you with something that you can always count on. It is our promise.

WE do not Compromise

To ensure its quality, each of our bespoke video books undergoes a rigorous testing procedure, which begins with the inspection of the functionality of the motherboard and electronic components. Each component then endures a three-hour aging test, followed by the testing of software and button functionality during assembly. Another three-hour aging test is then followed by the recharging and discharging of each battery for a minimum of four hours. Each bespoke video book is then connected to a computer to perform a second memory check, while the videos provided by our clients are uploaded. When it comes to bespoke video books, looks do matter. Each bespoke video book is carefully inspected for any physical imperfection, followed by the retesting of every button and battery before we proceed to package every video book. Each bespoke video book is finally put through a second and final physical inspection before being wrapped in a protective sleeve and prepared for shipment.

Our Clients

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