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HOW does it WORK?

Lift open the front cover and the video book comes to life with a full colour LCD screen sharing your key communications with your audience in a visual, audible, and tangible form that has far greater level of engagement than a conventional brochure. We offer a range of LCD screen sizes from 2.4 inch to an amazing 10.1 inch so you can wow your clients with inbuilt motion video. Thanks to a magnetic switch, your video starts to play automatically upon opening of the bespoke video book. Video book can also be programmed with up to 10 buttons, giving you complete freedom and more control over your video book than ever before, including volume controls, on/off switch, video select, play/pause, rewind, fast-forward etc.

Uploading video files on to the book is also made easy with a simple USB connection to your PC, MAC, or laptop. allowing multiple video compatibility so you can have more than one video on your bespoke video book!

The Marketing Landscape

In this fast paced world, where attention spans and over-use of text are a thing of the past, what better way to communicate your message assertively than with a bespoke video book!

Like DVDs, video book can be handed out or mailed to your customers, vendors, employees, or, associates, without worrying about accessibility of a DVD player. Your content can be easily viewed anywhere and anytime without the need for an internet connection or AC power. Your company logo and branding, combined with custom print and video, will surely capture the attention of all who receive and view your bespoke video book, or, if you prefer Video Boxes, Video Folders, Video Business Cards, Video POS displays, and more.

Ideal for multi-sensory marketing, pitch documents, video books, video business cards, video gift box, direct video mailers, visual sales aids and branded print campaigns, PHY Resources can offer you a range of brochure styles to suit your needs. Everything from book size, screen size, button configuration, video play time, and even graphics/video production, we can cater for your every need. If you already have a corporate video, what better way to place the video in the hands of your target audience than with a custom printed bespoke video book.

Your message can now be shared in Print, Video, and Audio, all in one versatile & unique portable package. The perfect leave-behind or mailer.

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